Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yippee For Pee-Pee

There once was a boy named Monchichi
Who didn’t care where he pee-peed
He wore Pull-ups all day
Would poop when he played
And his parents were getting all weepy

His Mommy and Daddy would try
But on the potty Monchichi would cry
They almost gave up
They had had enough
But they wanted a bed that was dry

So Daddy began again
Was so patient, and in the end
Monchichi was brave
Stuck it out till he caved
And the toilet rejoices

I just wrote a limerick about my big potty-training boy.
Because in December he had 1 success.

This month, so far, 29.

Blrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp on you Autism.


Jennifer Johnson said...

You are the most awesomest-mommy-potty-trainer evah! What a cute limerick! Where's the book jo?

Indy said...

So cute. You should send this into a parenting magazine. Adorable.