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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mommy Math: Preventing Teen Pregnancies, One Equation at a Time

5:35 a.m.


2 cranky and starving offspring


4 hours of sleep

multiplied by

3 overflowing laundry hampers

divided by

0 nannies and/or housekeepers

raised to the power of

10 short order meals

carrying over the

2 cases of Impetigo

quantified by

x( "MoooooooommmmmmmyI'mBooooooooooooored.")




I think this kind of math is way more useful to the 13-19 year old crowd; Algebra II just doesn't give the whole picture, you know?

I tell ya.

Give me enough time and I can solve just about anything via a horrifying glimpse joyous illustration of motherhood.

1 comment:

Ramblin' Red said...

Dude...I seriously think you should have been Dubya's abstinence ed czar with that, it's BRILLIANT. And oh, so very true....