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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because It's My Blog

I used to write poetry.
And tonight I came across some.
And i want to post it.
sort of.
because i think it will help me grow as a writer.
since sharing my writing is super hard for me sometimes.
because it is my passion. my art. my comfort zone. but only in private.

so *deep breath*
here goes.

If you hate it, don't tell me.
If you love it, please do.

Do you remember
reckless times
You and I were born
on a night
that was
Bad bantering
I still think
I was right
Your perfect smile,
daring me to take a shot
And you caught
During a random riot
Big pitchers
Weren’t big enough
So we ordered two
Walking with you
Seemed too natural
for my own good
Warm hand
Someone who
Mmmmm, I remember
a computer screen
Perfect song on repeat
I wish I could say
I don’t miss
The Mystery
You made me believe in me
staring briefly into peace
shared sympathy
I knew we’d wage war
on pain
on fear
on empty tears
and now
you stand tall and
I struggle with today
And I hate what you’re gonna say the next day
And your face
Bears strain
Babies cry
But I cry harder
And we hold hands in the dark
Lips pursed in protest
I love you doesn’t lift the stain
Crazy fool
Hanging on
To repeated
I love you’s
I know you’re bruised
Im sorry the exit door
Is stuck


TUC said...

Ok, I have two favorite lines;

"I wish I could say
I don’t miss
The Mystery"


"I love you doesn’t lift the stain"

I suppose that because I am where I am at in my life/marriage, this poem really struck me. Thank you for sharing it.

Jennifer Johnson said...

I love this Jo. You are a beautiful writer and artistically write what I wish I could say sometimes. You actually were the person that inpiried me to write in 8-9th grade!

Anyway, I love this verse:

"And we hold hands in the dark
Lips pursed in protest
I love you doesn’t lift the stain"

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