Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Said It Was Okay

And I'm a good listener.

So here you go.

I want a life less ordinary.
I want expensive shoes
I want to fit
Any pair I choose

I want exotic stamps in my passport
And an address book so full it won’t close
I want breakfast at noon
And I want to memorize a really good joke book

I want to make art with food
And sing the blues

I want to be somebody’s muse

I want to fly first class
and watch your eyes
As we land on a continent
You recognize
Only from a globe

And stories I told

I want to smile
At the reflection in the mirror
Even if it’s a little bit bigger
Than a year ago
Or more

I want to forgive you for
What you did before
Because it makes sense
To let the little things

I want to
And meaningful

What’s wrong
With that?

I want permission
To progress
At my pace

Towards my finish line

In my own race

1 comment:

TUC said...

Permission granted. Keep writing, it's good.