Monday, July 26, 2010

Babcia Wala's Polish Bedtime Nursery Rhyme

My 85 year old Polish grandmother was sitting in my living room tonight, Monchichi tucked in next to her.  The sight of them cuddling together like that was so sweet. 

I heard her reciting what sounded like a nursery rhyme, so, tilting my head back and ignoring my Scrabble Slam game for a moment, I began listening carefully from the kitchen table.

And this is what I heard:

Tancy Tancy
Dwaj Zasrancy
Jeden pierdzy
Drugi smierdzi

Which, when roughly translated means,

Dancing Dancing
Two $#%!heads
One is farting
The other one stinks

As far as I'm concerned, the woman survived WWII as a teenager, became a widow in her mid-thirties, raised three children as a single mother in Poland of all places, (which has spent the better part of its existance a hot mess), immigrated to America only to discover that not everyone here is Catholic, then got stuck helping raise my sister and I and managed to survive my teen years.

If rhyming fart and poop jokes have seen her through for over eight decades, then they're good enough for my sons.

Sweet dreams boys.

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Shana said...

haha omg that is awesome. I sat reading that laughing. My Grandma used to sing to me in Yiddish when I was younger, I never knew what the songs translated were.

MommieDaze said...

Love it! What a great thing to have her in your life, and your kid's lives.

Anonymous said...

OMG...that is hilarious..only Babcia!

E said...

Came across your blog on the Autism Support Network - so glad I did! I have a 4-year old daughter, Caydie, who has autism and I so enjoy your honesty, your sense of humor but most all your love for Target!!haha

I have read your entire blog in the past few days - you have a fan in Memphis, Tn! I would definitely buy your book which will hopefully be sold at Target....

TUC said...

Sweet boy dreams are always full of farts, aren't they? You and your grandma are hilarious!

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