Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pregnancy Weight

I know it may seem ridiculous to keep referring to the extra pounds I carry around my middle (and my back, and my sides, and….oh to hell with it…they’re everywhere) as pregnancy weight, especially when you consider that the last time I played host to a 65 pound bundle of joy was back in 2003.

But get this.

Yesterday my mom showed me a dress I used to wear as a little girl:


When I asked her how old I was when I wore it, she said about two.

And then I looked at the tag:



Yep.  That would be a size 6X.  Which apparently I wore at the age of 2.

So you see, I’ve been carrying around this pregnancy weight since I was TWO years old!

Not so ridiculous now, is it?


Dandy said...


I was on my first diet at 3 months when the doctor said I was too fat and to water down my formula.

Britton Minor said...

We carry so much around from our childhood, don't we?

TUC said...

That is hilarious!