Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Don't Know How To Tell You This........


I'm having an affair.

My husband is actually okay with it.

So are my kids.

Some of my friends that know are supportive as well; even proud you might say.


It's YOU I'm cheating on.


I am finally writing that book. The one that makes me an author, a writer, an artist experiencing elation, frustration, emotional breakdowns, and writer's block.

Every free second I have is spent adding, editing, replacing, cursing, praying...........

I Am a Writer.

This experience has proved it to me. The blog has proved it. Your words of encouragment have proved it. Seems the only one that needed to be convinced was me.

And now I am.

So that's why the few and far between posts lately. Not because I don't love you, or my blog. I do I do I do!

But I think I have a chance with this book.........and I gave myself a deadline. End of summer. So.....over 10,000 words into I still have a ways to go.

Be patient. I think it will be worth your while.

And pray.
For my sanity
My family

And a decent agent when the time is right.



Jennifer Johnson said...

That's so awesome Jo!! :) You are an artist with words! I know you'll do a kickazz job!

Indy said...

Good for you! Do it guilt free! We will be here whenever you get back!

TUC said...
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TUC said...

Oh, I don't know if I should be jealous of your other love, or cheer you on. Ok, yes, I will cheer you on...Go Go Go. But don't kill yourself doing too much editing and perfecting because it will only hurt that much more when your publisher's professional butcher gets ahold of it. Anyway, I can't wait to buy it so I can see what your holding out on here on the blog!

(Had to delete the first version of this to get rid of the Freudian slip typo!)

moni said...
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moni said...

Need I say it..... well it is about dang time! I have been waiting twelve years.....Holy cow! OMG twelve years this summer I was introduced to your talent to create such beauty on a simple sheet of paper! Oh and of course - twelve years ago was also when I met your sassiness, friendship, amazing attitude, and that incredible strength you have! Now if I can get you to cheat to get your butt to the east coast! :-) Love you!